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What we believe


Lets-Hike was formed in 2017 with one purpose in mind; to offer stress free, perfectly organised hikes across some of the most beautiful places Britain has to offer. Come away with us if all you want to do is walk and enjoy the great outdoors. All your needs are taken care of beforehand, just make sure to pack your best walking boots.

Normally going on a long hike is requires lots of planning, but not with Lets-Hike. There’s no need for time-consuming research on where to go and which path to take; we’ve done all of that for you. We're planned these trips so that you can really take in the beauty of your surroundings, without the worries and stress of whether you're on the right route or walking fast enough.

In a time when the world is more focused on digital experiences than ever before; we want to encourage people to spend more time outdoors and in nature. Nothing beats the smell of fresh air on a early morning, knowing you've got the whole day ahead of you.

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Getting outdoors
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Going solo or with a guide?
You choose.

Explore at your own pace

If you prefer to walk alone (whether this be individually or in your own group) this isn't a problem. On a self-guided walking holiday we take care of all your accommodation and transfers; we provide detailed route directions and detailed maps for your hike, but once it's time to start moving, we leave you to it. We're also available in case of any emergencies.

Small groups with a guide

If you'd prefer to join a group of other explorers for your trip, then one of our guided vacations would be best suited for you. Here you have the opportunity to meet other walkers and be guided by a experienced local guide who will not only lead the hike, but share insightful knowledge about the route and the surrounding areas. Each group is typically made up of 6 to 20 people.
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A look at a recent hike

This is a picture from a recent hike up in the Peak District.


Part three.
Why Lets-Hike?
Time to get out there

It's never been more important to get out and explore nature.

With constant stimuli though technology and social media; plus junk food or other indulgences on every corner; its become a difficult time to stay truly healthy. Hiking does a lot more for you than a run on the treadmill, being out in nature let's you unplug from the rat-race and truly unwind. You'll also meet new people and develop friendships face to face.
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